One of our new top sellers! Diamond Frost Euphorbia has won 38 awards! This heat & Drought tolerant plant has proven to be great for containers or in the landscape. Diamond Frost grows 10″ – 14″ tall and will add nonstop clouds of airy white carefree blooms to your outdoor living space.


DURANGO2[1] One of our many new plants for ’08 is the Durango Marigold. This French marigold has outstanding color and is very easy to grow. The Durango is an early bloomer and continues all summer long with its bright colored 21/2″ blooms. Very gardener friendly, and looks great in beds or pots.


DRAGWING3[1] Dragon Wing Begonias have become one of our favorite plants over the last few years. They are very easy to grow. The Dragon Wing will bloom all summer long and can be grown in sun or shade, and is great for beds or containers. With it’s big glossy foliage and clusters of red or pink flowers, growing at least 12″ tall and 18″ wide, the Dragon Wing adds that gorgeous tropical look to the landscape.




Combination Planters


retailfrnt[1]Do you have a favorite container that you just don’t know how to use? Bring it in and our designers will help you select the right plants, or replant it for you. We have a nice selection of unique and stylish containers. Choose one and we can customize it for you. Do we have the largest selection of planted combination patio containers at any garden center in the St. Louis area? We think so. Come in and judge for yourself.





We have several varieties.

We can help you select perennials that will give you years of enjoyment.

Study the area you want to plant. Tell us exactly when the sun hits the area. What kind of soil you have (bring a sample with you). With this information we can suggest the best plants for your outdoor living space.