Welcome to Fahr Greenhouses!

For over 50 years, Fahr Greenhouses has provided the Midwest region with quality plants and excellent customer service. Along with our huge selection of plant material, we offer:

-No minimum order requirements.

-Trays of 26.

-Most plants rooted in Elle pots.

-Cuttings rooted from culture-indexed stock and grown with minimal growth regulators and pesticides.

-Technical support for fertilizers, growth regulators, integrated pest management techniques, and more.

-Exceptional shipping. Over 99.5% of our cuttings reach their destination in prime condition, even in the coldest months!

Download our order form now to take advantage of our current promotion! Order your cuttings via email and RECEIVE A FREE 26 STRIP OF YOUR CHOICE. Free item will be that of the lowest value ordered. Also check out our Weekly Availability.

Completed orders may be sent to Pat at pat@fahrgreenhouse.com or Maddison at sales@fahrgreenhouse.com.

Our team is here to help our fellow Midwest growers succeed and thrive. Let us know what we can do for your business today!