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Nestled among rolling hills and fields in Wildwood, Missouri, Fahr Greenhouse, a Solis Agrosciences Company, has 75,000 square feet of greenhouse space and three acres of outdoor production. Dorothy and Leonard Fahr established Fahr Greenhouse in 1950, and it was brought into the 21st century by family members, Patrick and Mary Bellrose and Larry Fahr.

Fahr Greenhouse became part of St. Louis-based Solis Agrosciences in 2022. Solis Agrosciences is a pioneering plant sciences company that provides research and development services to agriculture technology companies. Solis Agrosciences is focused on researching innovations to feed the world by developing new crop species and new technologies using world class talent and infrastructure.

Fahr Greenhouse was founded on the principles of innovation and quality, while utilizing sustainable practices. Solis Agrosciences’ pioneering spirit and eco-friendly approach to innovation and excellence, aligns with the principles of our founding in 1950. We believe Dorothy and Leonard Fahr, being the first agricultural pioneers on the property, would approve.

We have been an innovative grower of quality sustainable plants even before the term “sustainable” became a popular term.

From the very beginning, we have prioritized growing beautiful plants in an environment that utilizes both science and environmentally responsible practices. Growing and caring for plants in a sustainable environment is not an easy task, but we are committed to growing local flowers that help the earth, not hurt it. When visitors, customers and friends tour our property they understand how valuable our product is when they see vibrant, flourishing and durable homegrown plants.

Why Buy Your Plants At Fahr Greenhouse, a Solis Agrosciences Company?


Your garden, your outside décor and your entertaining spaces are all extensions of the values you hold. So when you choose Fahr’s plants to brighten those spaces, our flowers will give your home and garden the highest quality plants available.

We select the plants we grow by addressing hardiness, the color vibrancy and the environmental support the region offers, to provide for hardy growth. This practice allows for the production of plants that will flourish in our environment, and in the end, brighten your home and provide a long-lasting love for gardening.

Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff, experienced growers and award-winning designers are what makes the plants at the greenhouse, the best available anywhere.

Drawn Greenhouse

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