Container Gardening

Whether you are a beginner gardener or a master gardener, container gardening is the perfect way to bring natural beauty to your outdoor spaces. Your outdoor spaces – patio, front porch, pool area, dining area, deck — are all an extension of your home and the values you hold. A beautifully designed outdoor space with coordinating flowers will allow your family and friends to feel welcomed and relaxed. When you add a container from Fahr Greenhouses to your outdoor spaces it is the perfect finishing touch that adds a uniqueness and quality only our homegrown plants can offer.

Here we will update with container gardening tips and highlight popular flowers and our favorite picks for container gardening.


Containers to fit any decorating style

This week

Tip sheet:

No rocks for filler and have drain holes

Years ago growers, landscapers and designers would fill containers with broken clay pots because they had no other place to dispose of them. Landscapers would also use rocks to fill the bottom of the pot. These are outdated trends that people still follow. Our owner, Pat Bellrose is a soil science nerd. He says never use rocks or clay as filler at the bottom of the pot and make sure all your containers have holes in the bottom of the container. Years ago people would use the rocks for air space but our soils are now formulated to be the perfect environment your plants need. So not filling your pot completely with soil is short changing your plants, along with mistreating them by not allowing the maximum amount of soil they can get.

Our favorite flowers this week:

Wave Petunia’s – Excellent choice for containers, vibrant colors for any color scheme. Fahr Greenhouse has many new colors of wave petunia’s this year.

Begonia’s (Dragon wing, Top Hat) – A rich color base green with high-impact colors that fill containers with a great medium height and are low-maintenance and hardy.

Classic Geraniums – This is a classic garden plant with large, bright blooms. Fahr Greenhouse carries an exclusive variety of peach geranium (that is actually pink) you can’t find at other garden centers.

More and more people are moving their living spaces to the outdoors. Container gardening from Fahr Greenhouse will make your outdoor spaces just as stylish as your indoor spaces. Each week we will highlight more tips and varieties of plants.



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